American Massage Therapy Association

                     Kansas Chapter



Ceena Owens

Hays, Ks.



Catherine Lightcap

Pratt, Ks.

Financial Administrative

Alicia Chance

Lawrence, Ks.

Board Member, Even

Delvon Lee

Overland Park, Ks.

Board Member, Odd

Darci Kimmerling

Plainville, Ks.




Communications–This committee plans and coordinates the production and dissemination of the chapter communications and ensures that they meet appropriate quality and standards.  The Communications committee oversees the function and delivery of the editurial content issued by the chapter on a regular or recurring basis through the following means: e-blasts, social media, e-newsletter, surveys, flyers/handouts, press releases, website, etc.

Education–This committee makes recommendations to the chapter board of directors for presenters at chapter educational events,recruits, and communications with potential presenters, and ensures that all educational presenters and events meet a high standard.  The Education Committee plans and implements the chapter conference, working with the board.

Outreach/Membership–This committee is a vital element of the Kansas Chapter as it facilitates communication between the other committees and work groups and serves as a bridge between members and aAMTA-Kansas.  The primary goals of the committee are to encourage and maintain membership by promoting the benefits of AMTA and to recruit chapter volunteers.  This is accomplished in several ways such as conducting school visits; hosting local Meet-ups; and communicating with members via phone calls, emails, and social media.  The combination of Membership complements Outreach, which coordinates volunteer members to provide massage at state and local events under the banner of AMTA-Kansas.  The goal is to educate the public about the benefits of massage therapy and to increase the visibility of the massage therapy profession in a positive way.


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